The Center Market
600 East Northern Lights -  At The Mall at Sears in Anchorage
Each Wednesday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm and Saturday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm


  • Country Health Foods: Grass fed beef,  smoked cod.  Yak meat, local raw honey, and salsa.  
    Alaska spot shrimp, scallops, halibut, king salmon, and goat cheese.  (gift certificates available)

  • A.D.Farm:  Goat chops, roast, soup bones. Cabbage, chieoggia beets, red beets, golden beets,
    red cabbage, Yukon gold potatoes, French fingerling potatoes, German butterball potatoes, peanut
    potatoes, carrots, purple carrots, white carrots, yellow carrots, Brussels sprouts.  
        Fresh mussels and oysters. Whole barley, barley cereal, roasted barley, barley flour, barley cuscus.
        Pork chops, roast, steak, fresh side pork, Italian sausage, spicy sausage, breakfast sausage
        patties, hocks, and fat

  • Sweet Caribou: Desserts Handcrafted in Alaska - Parisian macarons and other artisan desserts
        for all occasions.

  • Jonesers:  Alaskan Handmade Nectar, Loose Leaf Teas, Chaga Mushrooms

  • Alaska Sprouts: With a variety of Sprouts, shoots, basil, hydroponic lettuces and tofu

  • Rempel Family Farm: With a large variety of Valley raised Farm Produce. Eleven varieties of
    potatoes,  sugar pumpkins, many varieties of squash, cabbage, parsnips, rutabagas, daikon radish
    and carrots  

        Fat  Coconut Kefir, Kefir rootbeer and blueberry sodas, black Kombucha  Chai and Green Jun         
        peony  honey teas, and our signature Coconut Bacon

        mushrooms, greens and berries, in season; a full line of culinary herbs & spices; hand-crafted    
        spice blends, tea blends, tinctures, syrups and more

  • Alaska Vegan and Gluten Free: A variety of Soups. Cupcakes, spaghetti sauce, carrot ginger
    soup, split pea soup, roasted beets and sweet potato soup, red beans and brown rice with pico de
    gallo, fresh pico de gallo, corn chips, fresh salad with hemp seed dressing, petite baguettes and
    stone baked breads.

  • La Grassa: A variety of hand made, hand cut pasta: Pappardelle, Alaska Barley, Pea & Ricotta  
    Ravioli, Tagliatelle, Fettuccini, Ricotta Parmesan Ravioli, and Strozzapreti.  Vegan Strozzapreti
        and Gluten Free Corn and Quinoa Chitarra

  • Heather's Choice: Meals for Adventuring, Gourmet and Dehydrated meals and snacks:
    Buckwheat Breakfast, Chipotle Pork Chili, Chocolate Chili, Pasghetti, Rancheros, Salmon
    Chowder, & Snackaroons.

Natural Cosmetics
Sausage - Soups
Natural Dog Treats
Free Range Eggs

Farm Produce
Pork - Seafood - Beef
Spices - Teas - Salsa
Local Honey - Sprouts
Goat Cheese  
Throughout the season we will have some or all of the products listed below - Plus More!
Check back for weekly notices to see what has become available as the season progresses!

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